The Flex App, revolutionizing physical therapy and exercise through advanced technology. This app transforms any range of motion (ROM) exercise into an engaging, trackable game, offering a unique blend of healthcare and tech. Designed with healthcare providers in mind, the Flex App provides real-time data access online, enhancing patient care with insightful analytics.

What sets the Flex App apart is its use of ubiquitous smartphone technology. By harnessing the power of built-in gyroscopes in cell phones, this app brings cutting-edge exercise gamification within reach of a vast majority of patients. This feature underscores the app’s accessibility, making advanced therapeutic techniques available to a broader audience.

At its core, the Flex App employs smart, real-time gaming design principles to transform physical therapy into a captivating experience. The app’s game control calibration utilizes the gyroscope for swift and accurate measurement of ROM. This innovative approach not only gamifies ROM exercises but also meticulously tracks patient progress, turning routine workouts into an interactive, motivational journey.